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New Blog

Monday Updates Have Moved!

The things you don't think you'll miss

A Maelstorm of Discontent

Don't go to graduate school?!

A wireless world

Some random but cool links

A Year of Living Googly

Two good movies

Lost -- 29 May (There's No Place Like Home)

Monday Update -- June Restart

Lost to the Future

Monday on Tuesday

What can social foundations educators contribute to teacher ed?

Monday is Daddy's Turn

Lost 5/15 -- There's No Place Like Home pt 1

Who is a "qualified" social foundations teacher?

Sniffly Monday

Lost 5/8 -- Cabin Fever

Geek Blasphemy: On Lovecraft

Nazi's Invade!! From the Moon!!

It's What I Do

Case of the Mondays May 5th

Lost 5/1 -- Something Nice Back Home

Lost 4/24 -- The Shape of Things to Come

The Chronotebook

Lost is returning Thursday

Twitter and waste the hours in an off-hand way

In the swamp

Me versus the yard

Priorities and Broken Glass

Wow-wee! A zeppelin!!


The Only Lonley Boy in New York?

What I am doing right now

Lost -- 13 March (Ji Yeon) and 20 March (Meet Kevin Johnson)

Sunday General Update -- leaks?

Lost -- 6 March (The Other Woman)

R.I.P. Gary Gygax

Lost -- 28 February ("The Constant")

And, lo, the stone was removed!

Under the, um, laser?

Lost -- 21 February

Romancing the Stone

Rocky Week

This is what I waste my 100th post on?

Lost -- 7 February

The Pope Presidential Endorsement

Saturday update

Lost -- 31 January

Lost -- Season Three Finale

My little piece of internet fandom rage

Heathen Bowling

Home Alone Pt2 -- Snow Daze