Lost -- 28 February ("The Constant")

Last night's episode may have been my favorite of this season, despite (or perhaps because of) it focused almost totally on Desmond. Desmond has become one of my favorite characters. He's a bit of a sad sack, but there is this tragic and romantic quality to him that I enjoy. His primary motivation is to demonstrate he's worthy of his love. I actually found the end of the spisode, where Desmond speaks to Penny for the first time in eight years, touching. It's also quite possible he knows when he is going to die. Plus he calls everyone "brother", which is kinda cool.

This episode confirmed the emerging theory that there is some sort of time displacement going on with the island itself. This was hinted at before, primarily with Dan's experiment where the timer arrived at the island half an hour after it should have. But now we know -- the chopper took off at dusk but arrived at midday; to those on the island it seemed as if a day had gone by while the flight only took twenty minutes. We learned Dan has been trying these time experiments for years and that Desmond's consciousness travels in time, from his army days back in 1996 to 2004. (It looks as if this consciousness time traveling was the reason Desmond sucked at being a solider).

As always, there were interesting questions. Who is the mysterious captain of the freighter? Is it someone we have seen before? Who unlocked the door to the sick bay? Presumably Ben's "man on the boat", but who is that? (Part of me thinks Michael is on that freighter). Why do the freighter people avoid Penny's transmissions? How is the Black Rock and the diary from the boat related to all this?

Anyone have any theories?


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