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Apparently, I have been to Gerasa.

Jim Greenhill, U.S. Army -; VIRIN: 091029-A-3715G-212, Public Domain,

File this one under “Nakia is an idiot.” Also acceptable would be “Really cool stuff Nakia has done and now he’s old and can’t remember”

Last post was some reflection on the miracles of Jesus, with special attention paid to the Gerasene Demoniac.

As it turns out, I have been to Gerasa. I have walked “amongst the tombs”.

And I kinda forgot.

Well, not really forgot I went to a place. Just forgot that the place I went used to be named Gerasa. Let me explain.

When reading The Gospel of Mark last week as I was thinking about my post, I noted that the Demoniac spread the good news of Christ in “the Decapolis”. I assumed that the decapolis was just a space in the city, like a market, utterly forgetting that “decapolis” literally means “ten cities.” But I wanted to be sure, so I did what any of my students would do -- looked it up in Wik…

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