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Eulogy for Andre Pope

This was the Eulogy I gave for my brother, Andre, who passed away on August 20th, 2019.

Eulogy for Andre Pope
By Nakia Pope

24 August 2019

I will start with a story.

On Father’s Day, 2015, Andre and his family  drove out to spend the weekend with us in Arlington, Texas. My dad came too. Part of the timing of his visit was due to my ridiculous decision to run a Spartan Race at AT&T stadium. Andre was proud and supportive of this challenge I had undertaken. I know it fit his sense of adventure and desire to always be challenged. He was proud of me for doing it.

The morning of the race, Andre drove me to the stadium. As we parked and walked in, amidst all the pre-race hype and spectacle, he kept remarking how cool this all was. As I checked in, he said “I think I want to do this with you.”

This would come to be known as a classic #wtfpope moment.

I had trained, as best I could, for this 4 mile obstacle ridden course with about 4000 stairs for six months or so. Andre had just been riding…

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