Romancing the Stone

Quick health update: I went to the urologist yesterday -- no stone movement. Ugh. He's giving it until Monday, then they will have to "go get it." All I really care about that process is that I will be unconscious if it has to happen. So until Monday I am drinking lots and lots of water. I wish I liked beer, because that's supposed to help.


  1. If you don't like beer, what about hard cider? That'll make you go almost as much as beer will.

  2. Hey, man, I really feel for ya'
    Surgery is no damn fun, but if you gots to, this one is probably a breeze. Any comfort from this? I thought not. Surely, other liquids should work, stay on it

    Pa Gette

    PS I wonder if grunting a lot....

  3. That's funny you mention that, Dad, because Nakia is currently trying to run it out at the gym!!


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