Lost -- Season Three Finale

Tell Winston Lost commentary is back! With the new season on Thursdays at 9:00, and me not having a brand new baby in the house, I plan on getting back to my musings on this wonderful show. Somehow Sarah and I missed last season's finale. I also then managed to avoid significant spoilers since then. Not sure how I managed that feat, but all I really knew about was the "flash forward" sequences that showed Jack as a man who clearly could not keep it together. So in preparation for the season four premiere, we Netflixed the last three episodes of season three and watched them last night. Whoah!

Of course, there are more questions than answers, so we will start with some lingering questions that will, perhaps, get answered in Season 4:

1. Who are the people in the freighter? Ben is obviously scared of them. They seem to be looking for the island and they are not connected with Penny's people searching for Desmond. We have gotten a glimpse of some of them in the trailers for next season -- that guy who says to Jack "getting your people off is not our primary objective".
2.What is up with Jacob -- the "voice of the island"? That was a creepy bit from the next to last episode, with Jacob talking to Locke and then Locke getting shot and dumped in a pit. Is Jacob and actual person, some supernatural force, some odd bit of technological trickery, or some odd manifestation of Ben? I was leaning toward the later, given all the Wizard of Oz references in the show thus far (remember that the name Ben gave Jack et all was Henry Gale and he came in a balloon).
3. Are there two forces on the island, some sort of spiritual yen and yang? One could be represented by Jacob who speaks to Ben. The other is represented by Walt (very cool to see Walt) and mostly speaks to Locke. Come to think of it, the castaways and the Others have mirrors of each other: Ben/Jack, Kate/Juliet, Locke/Mikael (neither one of whom can die, apparently), Sawyer/Tom. That may not have in-story significance and just be the writer's way of better structuring the narrative, but I do find the paralels interesting, especially the fact that Locke and Mikael both got brought back from the dead by the island (apparently) in the finale.
4. Is Charlie really dead? As bummed as that makes me, I think so. He filled his purpose and redeemed himself in a number of ways, much like Shannon or Boone. I will say that bit did strain my suspension of disbelief. Why didn't Charlie just run out and shut the door? Then the only thing that would have happened was the communication room would have flooded. Of course, if we believe Desmond, Charlie was destined to die. Now he gets to die a hero and, somewhat of his own choosing. He accepts his fate. Nice bit about needing a musician to type in the code, by the way.
5. All the stuff from the flash forward. Who was in the coffin? Who got off the island? Who was the "he" that Kate had to get back to? Is Jack's dad really alive? All I think right now is those people on the beach (Sawyer, Sayid, Jin, Hurley, Juliet, Bernard) get left on the island. Others make it off, but it apparently does not go well. Maybe Jack was being delusional about his father being alive. Maybe is was Rose in the coffin (African-American neighborhood, she was sick before being on the island and so dies after leaving it of her disease).

I am happy the show is back! I don't know how many episodes we will get with the strike, but I will take whatever I can.


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