My little piece of internet fandom rage

I thought about just letting it go, but I think I would have to turn in my geek card if I didn't make some comment on the whole Spider-Man thing.

The digest version is: Aunt May gets shot, Peter Parker makes a deal with the devil so that she lives, but the world changes into a version where he and Mary Jane don't get married.

My take -- this sucks. It's lame retconning. It take a character I enjoyed growing up with and could relate to and turns him into a complete loser. It seems like a money grab and a movie tie-in, just like when Spidey had to wear the black costume again just when the third movie came out. Oh, and now instead of three Spider Man titles, we just get one that comes out three times per month. Know what that does? It makes it where those people (like me) who only really bought Amazing Spider Man now buy three books per month and makes it harder for other folks to tell interesting Spider Man stories.

Now, there's this rumor that the whole thing isn't actually happening, that it's all in Peter's head, so the devil can revel in his anguish. I don't know if that's better or worse. Worse, I think.

I could rant some more, but I have done enough to keep my comics cred, such as it is. For much better ranting, try websnark.


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