Lost 5/1 -- Something Nice Back Home

If last week's episode was about humanizing Ben through the loss of his daughter, this week was about demonizing Jack as he gains a son. Demonizing is perhaps too strong a word, but we certainly see a key section of Jack's descent into the drug addled paranoiac that ended last season.

Jack has been portrayed as the "man of science" to Locke's "man of faith". Jack's science isn't necessarily about understanding; it's about control. His point of hubris is he cannot fathom a situation where he, in some fashion, cannot control the outcome. He assumed the leadership role on the island in an effort to assert that control and, in many ways, he's an excellent leader because he is willing to assert control when others are paralyzed by fear. What he cannot do, what becomes his undoing, is give up control when necessary or acknowledge that there are some things that simply "are." We see the first clearly in the appendectomy. Jack doesn't want to admit it's necessary. Then Jack wants to have a hand it it's outcome, despite the pain. He cannot let go. He cannot put his life into someone else's hands. That's what makes him so bad in relationships. You can't base a relationship on that sort of belief in control. Sometimes, you just have to let things go.

Not that I don't understand his anger at Kate. While this was a Jack-centered episode, we do get another glimpse of Kate off the island. Kate seems to have regained some of the strength we saw from her early on in the series, yet is still stuck between Jack and Sawyer. That she is defined so much by her relationship with two men can be seen as a little disappointing, but understandable given the context. She and Jack both have "daddy issues."

Other bits:
  • I really, really wanted Sawyer to say a line to Miles after Miles asked him "Are you her big brother or something." Sawyer should have said "Brother. Friend. I'm the guy with the gun."
  • The big mystery, of course, it what happened to Claire. I got nothing here, but I won't be surprised if we simply don't see her for awhile.
  • Poor Hurley. I really felt bad for him. That scene between he and Jack was wonderfully done. Good lighting, again.
  • Another mystery was the thing Kate had to do for Sawyer. Anyone have any theories?
  • I am looking for a literary analogue for Jack -- someone obsessed with control, with thwarting fate. Oedipus? McBeth? Suggestions?
  • What makes one a candidate for island healing? Rose gets healed. Locke does too. But Jack does not, nor does Ben. Is it a faith thing?


  1. No real answers, but a couple more questions/observations:

    You didn't mention Bens alias from last week when he checked into the hotel: Dean Moriarty. I think on the road is vastly overrated, but a fun little tidbit.

    Did anyone else see someone standing behind Sawyer when he was scanning the jungle at the end? Was it Miles or someone else.

    Jack stepping on the toy Millennium Falcon. Its the Millennium Falcon! Come on man, you're slipping.

    Also I like to believe that the flash forward was set to May 2008. Because if A-rod beat the Sox it must be early in the season.

  2. I assumed that Jack had gone downhill (drunk rage and suicide), got cleaned up, and now, apparently is going downhill again, i.e. last season's finale was chronologically prior to this episode's events. He was scruffy at the trial, right? He was thinking about growing a beard when he visisted Hurley the first time, and in this episode he clearly had just shaven...your assumption makes more sense, that this starts the downward spiral, but are we sure this wasn't just an interlude? maybe I missed something?


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