Sniffly Monday

My allergies have been KILLING me lately. All the medicine I take only helps a little. It seems I have tried everything over the counter. I may have to go back to the doctor for some help.

Despite the allergies, we had a great weekend. Friday I drove down to Columbia for John's graduation from law school. Due to a threat of rain, they held it in the Koger Center instead of on The Horseshoe, but it was still nice. I then drove back to Rock Hill, ate lunch, picked up Sarah, then we drove back to Columbia for the party. We dropped E off at a friends who has two young children for her first slumber party. She did well by all accounts, which let Sarah and I stay at the party until pretty late. We drove back to Rock Hill, arriving home at 1:15 AM! Just like the old days!

Saturday morning we collected Eleanor and said farewell to Cupps. The one bright hang out spot in Rock Hill closed, which disappoints us to no end. We then went for an Eleanor photo shoot at Glencarin Gardens, then to the Winthrop Softball game -- they ended up winning their conference tournament.

Sunday was church and a day of taking care of Sarah. I cooked some steaks, using a peppercorn sauce recipe I found on the Accidental Hedonist. It turned out fairly well, given that BiLo was out off almost every ingredient when I dropped by there to pick up some groceries. That's what I get for needing exotic spices like garlic.

We also watched two movies over the weekend. American Gangster and No County for Old Men. Both were good, the later was excellent -- it deserved every award it received. I will do my best to write up an entry about the film later.


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