Nazi's Invade!! From the Moon!!

This looks pretty cool. Hope it turns out well on what looks to be a small budget.

Webiste: Iron Sky


  1. I dunno... WTF is up with that pigeon crapping on the statue at the end? Is that supposed to be funny? Is this movie supposed to be funny? Because up until that point, I was thinking it was a pretty atmospheric alternate history type thing in the vein of Sky captain and the World of Tomorrow. Then that pigeon comes in out of the blue, and I'm thinking "Oh no, this is gonna suck..."

  2. You didn't understand the symbolism of the pigeon?! Obviously, the pigeon represents peace and how. . .


    Reading a bit more about it, there is supposed to be some humor present, so maybe CL is right.

    It's Finnish and supposed to mock totalitarianism. Can it do that and still be a cool sci-fi-ish sort of thing? Hopefully.


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