Case of the Mondays May 5th

Lots of random stuff flying around at the moment, so I thought I'd do a quick Monday update.

It's the last week here at Winthrop. I've got an exam this afternoon and another one tomorrow morning. My hope is to figure final grades and get it all done by Thursday. Thursday night is graduate graduation, which I will be attending. Undergraduate graduation is Saturday, which I will not be attending. Since it's on;y my third year, I don't really have many students or advisees who will be walking yet. Next year those students who started with me will be graduating, so I will definitely go to the undergrad ceremony.

I hosted my graduate students at a cookout Saturday. That was lots of fun; I really enjoy teaching the MAT students. Sarah and Eleanor went to the Pope family reunion just outside of Lake City, where Eleanor was the belle of the ball. Everyone loves the new baby!

Saturday night I went with my friend Jason to see Iron Man. Good, good stuff. Lots of fun, Downey Jr was great, the effects were perfect, etc. Maybe they will be able to pull together an Avengers film.

Speaking of movies, Indiana Jones in two weeks!!! Were I in college, I am sure we'd all be donning fedoras and heading out to see it opening night en masse. As it stands, I may not make it opening weekend, but rest assured I will see it.

Busy week this week, with the grading and all. Friday is John's graduation from law school and Amelia's graduation with her MBA. Big party Friday night we are looking forward to.

That about covers where I am at, except for the three books I am trying to read while doing all this other stuff. But those books deserve their own post.


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