Monday is Daddy's Turn

Eleanor has been napping for over two hours. I know (and appreciate) this because, as of today, I take care of Eleanor on Mondays. Sarah took a part time job at Portrait Innovations, one of those photo places you see in shopping centers. All of the stores nationwide are closed Monday, so all calls get routed to their corporate center in Charlotte. Sarah, and a bunch of other people, spend 12 hours on Mondays answering those phone calls. They pay well and it gets Sarah out of the house one day per week so she can do something else.

This leaves me at home with Eleanor. This should be no problem for the summer, as my summer teaching is all on-line. It should work out okay for the fall as well, as I have no Monday classes. Beyond that, we will see.

I am excited (and, honestly, a little nervous) about being the house-husband one full day per week. Today I got up at my normal "go to work" time (5:50), showered, shaved, and started getting things ready in the kitchen while Sarah woke up and showered. Eleanor woke up shortly after I went into the kitchen, so I got her up, changed her, and started to get her dressed. We usually just put her in a little sleeper for the morning, then really get her dressed after her morning nap. I made Sarah a lunch and got us some breakfast ready. Sarah went off to work and Eleanor and I played around a bit until she got tired. Now, she's napping.

Eleanor has been pretty sick all weekend, with a fever -- which got pretty high at times -- a runny nose, and, last night, one vomiting episode. That (her first) scared the crap out of Sarah and I, but there has been no more vomiting even as the fever has stuck around. This morning's long nap is undoubtedly a product of Eleanor's feeling poorly and a rough night last night for everyone.

I am trying to be both be productive on my Mondays and enjoy the time with Eleanor. The trick for both, I think, will be modest expectations on the productive front. If I can get a few things completed, either while Eleanor is napping or with her "help", I will feel good about not being at work and can, thus, enjoy my time with my daughter. Today, for example, I was able to review 20 proposals for a conference. And that was in her normal nap time span. I hope to get some laundry done as well, and maybe a few other things around the house. If Eleanor is feeling up to it, we will run a few errands after lunch. If not, no worries.

Since Sarah won't get home until 9:00 or so, I'll end up feeding Eleanor all three meals (although Sarah did help with breakfast), bathing her and putting her to bed. It sounds a little daunting, but Sarah does that stuff all the time, so this gives me a sense of what her week is like.

This setup has a lot of potential to be positive for all three of us, so I hope it works out. Most of all, I hope Eleanor feels better soon.


  1. Sorry Eleanor isn't feeling well. I hope it passes soon.


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