What I am doing right now

I am sitting on my couch, which now backs up to our large front picture window. From here, I can see though our dining room, out the sliding glass door, and to the trees beyond our deck. There are no leaves on the trees yet.

It is still light outside, but getting dark in here. It is hard to see the keys. The sun has gone down beyond the houses across the street and the blinds are closed.

My wife and daughter are at my father's house. They left today at lunch. It is quite in my house since I turned off the TV at 7:30, when Jeopardy ended.

I watched a Firefly episode (Objects In Space) as I ate my dinner of leftover chicken wings. That is not healthy (the wings, not Firefly).

I miss my family in the quiet house.

I have been thinking about this blog and what to do with it, if anything. Why can't I write more and write consistently, and that's not saying anything about writing well.

I took my fingers off the keys to use the touchpad to highlight "well" in the previous sentence and make it italics.

Is this how Twitter works?

Now this has devolved from description to stream of consciousness, so I will stop.


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