Lost -- 6 March (The Other Woman)

So, a Juliet centered episode. I like Juliet, although it seems like a lot of people do not. Still, after last weeks excellent episode, this one didn't quite stack up. We did learn that Ben's enemy is Whidmore, confirming a storyline that has been brewing for awhile. We were teased with the identity of Ben's man on the freighter, but it looks like we will find out next week. We got confirmation on Ben's obsession with Juliet, which has been hinted at since Juliet was introduced. We also got to hear the voices of the island again, which led to another character appearing and disappearing. I wonder if Dan and Charlotte were really saving everyone from poison gas, or disabling some of the island's defenses to make it easier for the people on the freighter to do whatever they are trying to do with the island. Locke appears to be getting dumber every week, falling (again) for Ben's manipulation. But Ben has shown he is the master at that sort of thing, so it's no big surprise. I did like the nod to the Red Sox, which makes two or three times their Series win has been referenced. And I still like Juliet.


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