The Only Lonley Boy in New York?

I am in the Sheraton New York (not my hotel) for AERA, a giant educational research conference that meets this week in Manhattan. I just finished my session, which was pretty well received even though I had ventured out of my philosophical comfort zone to talk about ethics and assessment. The presentation was really all I had scheduled; I traveled all this way for 20 minutes of work. I do plan to attend some sessions later today and tomorrow, but it does make me wonder if it was worth packing my suit when all I am about to do is go back and change into more comfortable clothes.

I arrived yesterday and hung out with grad school buddy Kurt. We wandered around, hitting up "Curry Hill" and a very cool spice shop so he could get some stuff for his wife before wandering to The Strand. Last night we ate at John's on Bleeker for some great pizza.

The only real issue so far is my hotel is kind of far away, on the east side of the park at 62nd street. It's not really that far with the subway, but the hotel is 6 blocks from the nearest subway station, so getting anywhere is sort of a drag. Still, it's New York. Aren't your feet supposed to hurt?


  1. Glad you found John's sorry we missed your call last night.

  2. Man I wish I could be there. At least eat a hot dog for me o.k.?


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