A Year of Living Googly

I am considering an experiment -- beginning in July and running until July of next year, I am thinking about using Google for as many computer related tasks as I can. I want to see if it can be done and if it makes my life easier or harder. It's still in the conceptual stages, but here are my thoughts so far:
  • I already use gmail for my non-work email. I think I can set it up where I can use it to check my work email as well. This may be a huge hassle and not worth it. Not sure.
  • Google calendar for, well, my calendar.
  • iGoogle for my general desktop organizer.
  • Google sites for a class website and as an organizer for some new research projects I'll be starting at the end of summer.
  • Google docs for all the things I normally do in Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
  • Google Reader for all my feeds (replacing Bloglines).
  • I already blog with blogger.
The only exception will be things I have already begun in some other format -- like the Score Pollution and Reflective Equilibrium papers I hope to finish this summer.

What does everyone think? Am I missing something cool that Google does? Does this just seem stupid?


  1. I have found that it is really easy to get caught up in the Google Hype. In doing so you forget to check out the rest of the World Wide Web for other things that may be better than what google is doing. For instance I am working on all of this mapping stuff and instantly urned to google maps for the end all solution. Well it comes to find out that there are lot of other things out there that simply do it better. Google makes it simpular for sure by packaging everything into one.

    I do find your experiment exciting on many different levels but at the same time a little scary. You are giving your little world of tools and production over to just one company.

    Keep me posted.


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