Voice Thread as online gaming space

For the past two days, I have spent considerable time and energy making a short Powerpoint for the online course I teach.  I'm actually having my students read a graphic novel, so I put together a presentation called "Comics in 10 Slides" that is supposed to serve as an introduction to the medium for the uninitiated.  That took awhile, largely because I made it very image-heavy and had a hard time boiling it all down to ten slides. (Thanks to Cthulhu's Librarian, who keeps graphic novels in his library of otherworldly texts, for his help).  I wanted to also provide some narration for the presentation, since the course is 75% online.  I then remembered VoiceThread, a really cool online collaborative tool that allows you to upload media, arrange it as a slideshow and post comments to each slide.  Viewers can also post comments, which allows for asynchronous collaboration.  When I uploaded my Powerpoint to VoiceThread, it did some weird formatting changes (note to self -- save slides as .jpgs next time before uploading).  But I also discovered a presentation a long time ago I made that talks about the gaming possibilities of VoiceThread.  As it turns out, you can now also embed these presentations in a blog. So, for your perusal:


  1. Neato. And I like the little write-ee thing. Sorry I don't know how to save to PDF.

  2. Barring full-blown PDF editing software such as Adobe Acrobat, you could use a free PDF printer, and only print the one page you need.

  3. Thanks for the comments, both of you. What I am trying to do is just take one page of a PDF and save it as its own file. I do have full blown Acrobat, so I am sure that function is there somewhere and I just need to find it.

  4. It's in Acrobat. Depending on which version you have, it may be in a slightly different place, but in the version I have on my work computer (7.0), you go to Document > Extract Pages and save as separate files (don't save the original again, unless you want the extracted page taken out of it).

    Or, as DrDucker says, you can print to the PDF printer that is part of Acrobat (it's in your printer list), it's just like a regular printer except the "printed" pages show up in Acrobat as new files.

  5. Hope you got it to work. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world. Very cool that you met your wife at Barnes.

    I like both bookshops, just that our Borders had the more space in the cafe, along with many many coupons.

    Hope you have a yummy weekend :-)


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