A Short Thanks

Finishing a response to a paper today (on John Cage's 4'33"), but wanted to publicly acknowledge another great issue of One Square Equals Five Feet, with special bonus material from lapsus calumni!  Thanks to both of those guys for making cool zines and helping us all get good mail.  I sent Christian a book of stamps as a token of my thanks for all the zine goodness; my only regret is they weren't cool comics stamps. Or Katharine Hepburn.

Thanks, guys.


  1. I've got stuff for Christian when I get back from Korea. I suspect that this issue of OSE5F is waiting for me at home as well.

  2. Oh, hey. Thanks for the shout out. Two other guys are scribbling some stuff so hopefully each envelope will contain something other than my own half-assed ramblings.


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