I really need to game.

Not in the best of moods today, due to some penny-anny (is that how you spell it?) tasks at work that take up way too much time.  Oh, and a bunch of meetings scheduled for the Friday afternoon before spring break.  Not. Cool.

I also think some of my down mood is the realization I had this morning that I haven't really gamed very much in the past seven months.  There was Old School Hack on my birthday.  Two great sessions at NC Game DayA Lady Blackbird one-shot.  But that's really about it since last summer. 

I've had good reasons -- my son was born six months ago and I've had some new responsibilities at work.  The former is joyous but results in substantially reduced sleep.  The later is interesting but involves more time and something of a learning curve.  Due to this, I've had to quit the regular Pathfinder game I was a part of.  The DM was great and most of the players were, too.  But the Friday night schedule and drive were going to be unworkable for me, so I turned my baby-hiatus into a complete withdrawal from the game.  I don't regret my decision, but I miss the gaming, if that makes any sense.

So I shot off an email to another professor here whom I've gamed with in the past.  We had a semi-regular thing going last summer, but it died due to some player drama (a divorce).  I asked about getting something going again.  We're going to get a drink next week (spring break!  Whoo-hoo!) and plan for something to start at the beginning of April.  He and his wife both play and have an alternating Wednesday night commitment, so we may play ever other Wednesday.

But what?  My gamer ADD is horrendous.  I certainly want to keep up the Weird War II stuff I've been thinking about.  Hopefully, that will take off into at least a PbP game.  I'm not sure, though, this face to face group will have much interest in that.  My other interest right now is in a BECMI game, something that will last awhile.  And Old School Hack still lurks about; it would be nice to see how suitable that is for longer term play.

We'll see.


  1. I believe it's penny ante (as in a very low stakes game of poker, hardly worth one's time). I hope you find a game soon - or start one on your blog.

  2. Good luck on getting things going!

  3. @ Matt -- That makes sense. Thanks for the education and the well wishes.

    @ James -- Thanks!

  4. Back from Korea and ready to start that WWII game. And we definitely will be doing some gaming during our next guys weekend (which we totally need to start planning). Any interest in some mini sessions of Microscope via Skype and corkboard.me?

  5. Thanks for the compliment, bro! You are welcome back into the game anytime you'd like, even if it is just a cameo. Kamal is becoming a regular bad-ass.

  6. @Risus -- Yes. Yes. And Yes.

    @Dustin -- That sounds great! We'll see when I can make it over.


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