Yard Sale Finds?

Yesterday, the family had a yard sale.  Neighbors had put together a big one for themselves and put an add in the paper, then invited anyone else on the street to participate.  We threw some stuff we no longer needed on a folding table and set it up in our driveway.

What's this all have to do with gaming?  I've never really shopped yard sales, but have this dream that I'll wander into one and find some gaming gems -- the original printing of City State of the Invincible Overlord at the bottom of a stack of Life Magazines from the 1970's.  The closest I have ever come to this was finding a Moldvay 1981 Red Book in a hardware store in my hometown that also had some antiques tucked in a corner.  I can imagine yard sale shopping can be fun; it's something like hunting for hidden treasure.

Has anyone nabbed a cool gaming item (or anything else fun and interesting) from a yard sale?


  1. Every time I see a yard sale I have an urge to pull over, but never do. I wonder how many white boxes I've driven past?

  2. My mother found a gold charm bracelet for 50 cents in a costume jewelry assortment. Sold for over $1200 for the weight in gold.

    As for myself - nothing worth mentioning, but I do always hope to find some classic RPG find.

  3. @ Christian -- I think the same thing! "Eh, my kid used to play that silly game. You can have it for two bucks!"

    @ Tenkar -- Nice find for your mom!

  4. Never found anything personally, but my aunt and uncle once found a stack of old GURPS books which they bought on my behalf (I have cool relatives). A lot of the books were out of print (GURPS Japan, the original Man to Man) and I later fetched a good price for the ones I didn't need or want on eBay.

  5. About two years ago I was visiting my parents and the people across the street, who have only adult kids, sold me a Xerox box full of Legos for $10.00. I took them home to find three (3) full-size pirate ships. The sets were complete; only thing missing was the actual box.

  6. I never did much yard sale hunting, but my dad was an antique dealer (I'm pretty sure you know this, Prof Pope). Growing up I went to plenty of antique markets with him, and found lots of things that were cool at the time, but really don't remember many of them anymore. The one thing I do recall, and I know you have heard the story (multiple times, I'm sure) of the stack of mid-late 1970s X-Men comics I bought for $2 each at one market, including some HIGHLY desirable issues, which I ended up selling for a fraction of their value when I needed rent $ very quickly to avoid being kicked out of my apartment in NYC.


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