Princess School

My three-and-a-half year-old daughter has firmly entered into the "princess stage" which, I suppose, is as good a gateway into fantasy and imaginative play as anything else.  We're working hard to insinuate into her little brain the idea that princesses don't always need saving and that they can rule kingdoms, fight dragons, and do other princess-y things without the aid of any prince.

Tonight, we had "princess school", taught by my daughter.  She lined up chairs in the living room and sat her dolls and her mother in them as she began her instruction, dressed in a blue, frilly Cinderella dress she received for Christmas.  I was the prince, holding my class in our bedroom.  My pupils (Pablo from the Backyardigans and Curious George) did not seem terribly interested in my lecture -- "A Refutation of the Marxist Critique of the Feudal Economic System or Why Princes are Better for Everyone" (this is what happens when you have a professor for a dad).  My wife, however, informed me of the elements covered in the class on being a princess.

What You Need to Be a Princess (according to my Princess Daughter):

  1. Golden Slippers
  2. A Magic Wand
  3. A Pumpkin that Turns Into a Carriage
  4. A Fairy (to turn said pumpkin into said carriage)
  5. A Crown
  6. A Prince Who Cooks You Dinner
  7. Fancy Gowns
Princess Duties:
  1. Dancing
  2. Helping Out The People of the Kingdom
As good as any, I guess.  I can imagine a light RPG scenario where the PC's have to find those princess elements for some (real or delusional) princess who is seeking to ascend to the throne.


  1. That's fantastic. Had I had any girls, I would be doing the same thing. And lately I have been thinking about Neal Stephenson's Daimond Ageand his Young Lady's Primer. Essentially, it's an interactive nanotech storybook that teaches life lessons as the girl gets older. It would be cool to start a campaign with the young'uns (when they are ready) that adapts to their learning level.

  2. I like how she's relegated the prince to the kitchen. Very nice!

  3. Daddy cooked that night, which probably explains the prince's place!

  4. I don't want to be stuck in the kitchen!

    I wanna fight dragons!!

    And this apron doesn't go with my eyes!



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