Pennington's Pleasantries

First, go to Risus Monkey and read his recap of our Risus game at NC Game Day.  Then, imagine Sir James Pennington, wonderfully attired in his dinner jacket, taking command of the doomed Venutian cruise liner and radioing for help.

Pennington's Exchange of Pleasantries

Pennington had the "Haven't we met somewhere before" cliche.  He was a ladies man, so this represented his charm.  I also thought it would be useful in developing contacts that could help us in the adventure.  Up until this point, he had only used it to gain some arm candy in Darla, a rescued passenger.  I had hoped she would turn out to be an engineer or a ninja or something, but I did not roll high enough.  This exchange was me playing out the cliche, with the hopes that it could help us evade the moon men pursuit.

I certainly don't remember this word for word, so there's a lot of additional material here. I've also forgotten the NPC names. But the exchange went something like this:

Pennington:  Hello?  I am Sir James Pennington.  I've taken command of the Venusian Queen which is being attacked by Moon Men.  I'd like to point out that this is entirely unacceptable.  I will likely be taking my next vacation using some other means of conveyance.

Venus Command: Venusian Queen?  This is Lieutenant Smythe of Venus Command. You are under attack?

Pennington:  Smythe?  Reginald Smythe?  This is James!  We were at Exeter together!

Smythe: James Pennington?

Pennington: Yes, lad!  Remember?  I came to your cousins wedding. 

Smythe: James!  Jolly good to hear from you!  How are things?

Pennington: Great, great!  Well, we are in a bit of a spot now, what with the moon men and ship out of control and all.  But I am doing splendidly!  How's the family?

Smythe:  Splendid!  My parents have settled into their country estate.  Sarah's engaged to some London barrister.

Pennington: Ah, your sister!  Quite fetching, as I recall.  Pity she's getting hitched.

Smythe: Yes, well, he is well respected.

Pennington: Still, too bad.  Look, not to be too forward, but we are under attack by these moon men and this bloody ship is on fire.  Is there something you can do?

Smythe: Well, to be honest, James, we're in a bit of a situation ourselves.

*Giant Explosion*

Pennington: What was that?

Smythe: I said we're in it ourselves!  The moon men are shelling Venus Command!  I am afraid there's nothing we can do for you!

Pennington: What?!  That's unacceptable, Reggie.  Surely there must be something!  Who is your commanding officer?

Smythe: Admiral Harlowe.

Pennington: Harlowe!  He plays whist with my parents!  Tell him I need to speak with him at once.

*More explosions and shouting can be heard over the speaker.*

Smythe:  The admiral says if you maneuver your ship within range, we can use the orbital batteries to fire on your pursuers.  He also said to give his best to your parents.  He might not make next months Planetary Ball, however.

*screaming and explosions*

Pennington: Good show, Smythe!  I knew I could count on you.  We'll come to you straightaway.  Best to you and the admiral.


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