Eleanor Update

Eleanor turned nine months old on Thursday. I think our immediate reaction was "Nine months already?!" It seems like just last week we were bringing her home from the hospital. Now, she is really developing a personality of her own. She's very social, like her mom, but plays very well by herself for pretty long periods of time. She occasionally gets this face where her lips purse, her eyes get a bit distant, and her brow knits together a bit. Sarah calls that her "thinking like Daddy" face. She crawls around a lot, but hasn't quite figured out how to get her knees working in time with her arms, so it's more like an army crawl. She's into everything when she scoots around like that. She just figured out how to go from being on her belly to siting up, by backing up on her knees and then keeps on going until she's on her butt. She is still small, comparatively speaking: 16lbs 7 oz and 26.5 in tall, but she's healthy and happy. And she couldn't make her parents any more joyous.

She and Sarah leave this afternoon for Pittsburgh. Sarah's father had surgery there and will be there for a couple of weeks. I am glad they are going to keep Grandma and Grandpa Gette company, but I will miss them terribly.

For nine month photos, visit Eleanor's own blog.


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