Chainmail Bikini

Rich just told me that our friend David has his own website. I remember hanging out in David's living room in Charlottesville, talking about D&D while he incessantly wrapped wire and hooked them together with needle-nosed pliers. I am glad to know that hobby has turned into at least some form of minor industry for David. Rich also said David is headed back east after living in Oregon for a few years, so hopefully I will get to see David soon.

And it's a very cool name, too -- Iron Loom. Come on, you know you need some chainmail!


  1. Watching David make his chain mail rings was like watching someone knit. It's relaxing and unobtrusive for them, but as an onlooker I just want to scream "Knock it off all ready! Pay attention to what we are doing!" I've got someone at work who is always knitting during meetings,a nd while they may be able to concentrate during the meeting and knit, all I keep hearing is the subtle click-click-click of the knitting needles. I wonder who is the one with OCD-them for not being able to stop, or me for obsessing over them doing it all the time?

  2. Sarah knits a bit; I think you just learn to tune it out.


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