Two Interesting Book Notes

My brother is a graphic designer and gaming newbie (he's currently playing a West End Games Star Wars game, his first RPG ever).  He pointed me to this cool Harry Potter Infographic , titled the Daily Prophet and made to look like an old broadsheet.

The other news has to be taken with a grain of salt, even though it's reported in EW.  There's a street date for A Dance With Dragons, the next Game of Thrones book.  I've certainly grown much less interested in this series due to the delays and what I regarded as the lesser quality of A Feast for Crows, but I will likely buy this book on July 12th.  

Hmm. . . I am certainly not as well-read in the Appendix N material as many are, but I wonder what comparisons could be made between Martin and some of those folks.  Would Martin go in a contemporary Appendix N?  Just thinking. . .

Edit to add there's also a new, full length trailer for the Game of Thrones HBO series.  


  1. To me, the whether GRRM "belongs" in Appendix N or not depends on which Appendix your talking about.

    In the 70s when Gygax wrote his fantasy lit was a far mre limited field than today. For someone looking to do a straight Sword & Sorcery or science fantasy setting, I don't think A Song of Ice and Fire has too much to directly offer. On the other hand, for a Medieval knights sort of game where a clash of kingdoms plays a role, I think it would be very inspirational reading.


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