Forgotten Songs Retrospective -- "Finding a Familiar"

 Another in a series of commentary posts about Katja's Diary.

Pseudodragon by "Ceredwyn Ealanta" at

My notes about the meeting with the pseudodragon family say "Think of 1950's family or That 70's Show: gruff dad, friendly mom, vain teenage daughter."  I thought it was a clever way to play some intelligent monsters, but this may have been a time when my cleverness got in the way of things.  It would have been easier just to tell Orion "you summon a pseudodragon familiar" and get back to the main plot of the game.  But I tried to see it from the dragon point of view -- why would any intelligent small dragon want to ride around with a wizard who is more than likely going to meet a bad end? So the dragon-dad protested and Emily, the dragon-daughter, sort of "went off to college" with promises to return in a month or so.

Note: had the party been more successful at wooing the parents, Emily would have just gone with them.  I don't remember if there were botched roles or just poor role playing or some combination of both, but they caused enough reservation on dragon-dad's part to demand that Emily return.  And, given that dragon-dad had a friend that was a full sized dragon, he wasn't one to be messed with.

The only other thing of note in this session was a bit of information given by Vincellus that was never followed up.  To quote the diary:

To my inquiries about the Silver Huntress, the Greyleaf could only give me the name of a sage in Duma Fafne, Bartolus, who studied such things. I was given a slightly magical oak leaf to serve as a token. And this Bartolus was also supposed to know of the priests that fled the Oghma temple.

I really, REALLY wanted the party to follow this up.  Not only did I have some cool city adventures planned, but this guy would have been full of clues about the Oghma Temple and the Silver Huntress.  Duma Fafne was not that far away -- maybe a week from Harcomb.  Given that the party had just spent weeks of game time in an adventure primarily so the wizard could get an almost-familiar, I fully expected them to set off on an adventure that actually directly connected with the campiagn premise.  Cest la vie.

Does this happen to anyone else?


  1. I thought we would eventually wind up in Duma Fafne. My memory is fuzzy (especially since I haven't logged every session), but I thought we eventually got there. Katja totally wanted to follow up with Bartolus.

  2. Nope. Never made it. Never even tried, I think. After the upcoming death of a PC, the temple and all elements connected to it were abandoned.

  3. This happens to all of us, bro. You've inspired me to blog about it at my site:

  4. @ Dustin -- Nice post! I certainly learned many things you've posted about from this game.


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