BECMI/Mentzer/Rules Cyclopedia Reflections and Resources?

Does anyone know where (or if) there is a retrospective and/or other serious looks back at the BECMI boxed sets?  What sort of retro-clones have been done for these?  What additional resources have been developed?

(And I know that pretty much all the other OSR stuff will work with these; I am just looking for work or material on these specifically).

I am thinking about a series of posts focusing on these sets, as that's where my personal gaming roots lie, but don't simply want to go over well-trod ground if there are lots of things already out there.


  1. Dark Dungeons is the RC retro-clone.

    I don't remember anyone doing detailed retrospectives of the BECMI box sets, but I'd be interested in reading your thoughts on them.

  2. Funny that I completely missed the whole BECMI thing. Went from Moldvay->AD&D->anything but D&D (for at least a decade).

  3. @Lord Gwydion -- Thanks! I knew there was a retro-clone out there somewhere. And thanks for your interest. I plan on starting that series soon.

    @Risus -- I started with the Mentzer Red Box. You're a couple of years older than I am, and grew up in somewhere less backwater-y, which may account for some of your personal gaming arc. And I never really got into AD&D until 2nd Edition.


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