Spring Break!

This week is spring break at my university.  You'd think that would mean lots of time off, but not really.  I was in the office for most of the week.  Yesterday was my wife's birthday, so I spent the day with her and the family, shepherding kids so she could get a massage and shop.  Today it's a family trip to the zoo!

I hope to get a gaming related post up tonight or tomorrow, but if not things will get rolling again on Monday.  I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day and has a great weekend.


  1. Happy Spring Equinox and Happy Birthday to the Wife.

  2. Not being on facebook, I totally missed S____'s birthday. Please wish her well for me. :)

    Also, you're on break, man! Let's get together online! Also Gotta get on C.L. to and start up the WWII game. :)

  3. Thanks to both of you! And I am not on break any more, but that doesn't mean Risus Monkey isn't right.


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