This should have been written yesterday.

This should have been written yesterday, but seven hours worth of meetings prevented it:

Today, ten years ago, I was lucky enough to marry the woman I loved.  It was a beautiful day; I will always remember how she looked, standing at the end of the church's center aisle, entering into our marriage.  I am blessed to have had her love and support over the past ten years and I look forward to many, many more years to come.

And, since this is a gaming-related blog, here's a gaming-related story about my non-gamer wife that shows how much she loves and puts up with me:

I was still living in Texas, where I met her; we had been dating about a year.  I had been up-front about my geekery from the start.  She knew I collected comic books and that, almost every Friday night, I got together with a bunch of other geeks to roll dice and pretend to kill things and take their stuff.  She wasn't interested in the activity -- I am not sure she even really understood it -- but she liked me and was happy to see me happy.  Often, I'd call her as the game was wrapping up.  This was before cell phones, so I'd say something like 'We'll be done in half an hour.  Do you want to come over?"  She'd meet me at my house and we'd hang out.

I had done this same this night, calling her as I thought things were finishing up, but then things began to run long.  The final combat took awhile, there was some group squabbling afterwards, some further discussion about what to do with the squabblers even after that in the parking lot of the apartment complex, and then I realized in had been an hour and a half since I called my girlfriend and said I'd meet her in thirty minutes.  Crap.

I rushed back to my house and saw her car parked in the driveway.  That was good.  There were no lights on in the house, however, and my roommate wasn't home.  That was not good.  As I parked and got out, I saw she was still in the car.  She had been waiting for an hour!  I got closer and realized she was asleep.  That's right, this girl had come to meet me and had fallen asleep in the car, waiting on me to finish killing orcs.  I was, and am, a lucky, lucky man.

Happy Anniversary!


  1. Happy anniversary! As a fellow husband of a non-gaming, but supportive, wife I particularly appreciated your anecdote as it rang true of similar situations in our life. Here's to the next ten and many more!

  2. Congratulations. A wife like that is gold-dust.

  3. Happy Anniversary. I still have fond memories of that happy night in Texas!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I can hardly believe it's been 10 years-as Risus Monkey says, it was a happy night in Texas!

    I think the next time we are all together, we should rent a margarita machine. ;-)

  5. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

  6. I love you baby & look forward to 10+ more years together and all the fun it will bring!


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