Zombies in Your Games?

My new favorite show is, certainly, The Walking Dead.  I missed it on it's first run, but I've watched the first season on Netflix and caught the season two premire last night.  More about the series later; now, it's got me thinking about zombies and gaming.

I know they are out there, but I've never really played in any sort of zombie-horror game, with any rule set.  With the exception of smashing and turning zombies in D&D, zombies have never really been a big part of any game in which I've participated.

So, how many of you folks have had games in which zombies have been a big deal?


  1. I haven't played in particular "zombie horror" games either, though certainly they've showed ou in D&D and in Gamma World.

  2. La la la la, I can't read this post, but I did want you to know that I stopped by. I think we have one episode left from season one.

  3. You may be interested in my adaptation of Old School Hack for a modern setting. And a one-page reference to run different kinds of zombies. In time for Halloween!


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  5. Thanks to The Walking Dead I've finally found groups interested in gaming Dawn of the Dead and such.

    This should cover the basics.

    And system is a matter of taste.

    I'm running Risus Dawn of the Dead.

    A friend is finishing up a Mini Six, converted to SKETCH, Day of the Dead (mostly)

    and another friend is running a D20 Resident Evil.

  6. Thanks to The Walking Dead I'm in three Zombie Apocalypse games.

    A D20 Resident Evil game

    A Mini Six converted to SKETCH that evolved into a copy of the D20 game. Co-op games can be a pain.

    And a Risus take on Dawn of the Dead.

    5 Reasons You Secretly Want a Zombie Apocalypse


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