Cannibals are better deep fried. (Pathfinder Update)

My character's name is Culver, by the way.  I know that was keeping all of you up at night.

Monday's session was very, very fun -- maybe the most fun I've had in the Pathfinder game yet.  It was essentially one long combat, as we tried to escape/were rescued from the cannibals.  Culver and the paladin managed to work free from their bonds and take a couple of guards from behind while the rest of the party drew off the bulk of the cannibals.  The cleric then led that group into an ambush by the rest of the party.  After the initial batch was dealt with, we reequipped, hid in the village, and ambushed another group of cannibals as they returned from the jungle.  Big nasty cannibal chief was with this group.  He proved to be pretty tough, but the fighter eventually took him down after we peppered him with arrows.  We ended up with one captured cannibal, who told us about the evil witch who lived in a hut outside the village and the wives of the chief who lived in the lighthouse.

In retrospect, it's hard to believe no one died.  There were something like 20 cannibals, plus the chief (who had in excess of 40 hit points).  In addition to a fair amount of luck, I'd like to say good tactics won the day.  We managed to separate the cannibals into smaller groups, drawing some away so we didn't have to face them all at once.  We used our spells to good effect -- ray of enfeeblement on the chief, increased speed from a domain power on the cleric to draw some of the cannibals away.  I also took a page from Cthulhu's Librarian and used grease to slow a bunch of the cannibals down as they charged us.  Not only did it buy us an extra round or two for missile fire, but then the paladin set the grease on fire, causing some cannibals to become deep fried.

Good times!  I still don't feel like I really know who Culver is yet, nor how he feels about being on this island.  But I still had a good time.


  1. Fantastic. And not being eaten by a cannibal ... even more fantastic. Nice to see you having a good time gaming. That's the way it should be.

    Boogie boogie.

  2. Yeah, it was certainly a good gaming session when I needed a good gaming session.

  3. I like when Tim has those. Well-needed and much fun. Cool beaners.


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