On the verge of incoherence

It's Monday afternoon and I'm staring at the computer, finding it difficult to focus and get anything productive done  -- not work, not gaming, not even a coherent blog post.  I've been battling this for a week or so now, this lethargy.  It's fairly problematic, because June needs to be a productive month for me, given what we have planned for July.

The cause doesn't matter so much; what matters is I change it.  But I think some of it has to do with trying to find a new rhythm.  As an academic, my life has largely been dictated by the fall/spring/summer cycle of the academic year, with the summer being a lull in both workload and productivity.  That was fine, really, as I am the sort of person who needs a certain level of eustress to really get things going.  But with the recent promotion also comes a move to a 12 month calendar of work, laid on top of the traditional academic calendar.  I can't just not come into the office because I don't feel like it.  That, I think, is more of a significant change for me than I realized.

I hope I am not coming across as whining here.  I am just trying to understand the current glaze that seems to be coating my brain.


  1. Two words, friend: Mountain Dew

  2. I did diddly squat writing this weekend. I understand. I hate the malaise!

  3. With enough coffee I could conquer the world, or so I used to think, now I just get tremors or cravings if I go without.

  4. I keep struggling to find the right routine that will maximize my productivity... especially considering my nasty-ass commute and my desire to maintain a fitness routine and healthy family life. Some days I think I have it all figured. others, not so much...


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