Action Points in Labyrinth Lord

I've been fiddling with a way to incorporate Awesome Points (from Old School Hack) into my Labyrinth Lord game.  Here's what I've come up with:

The Stack and The Bowl stay the same.  I'll put in 2.5 times the number of players worth of awesome points into The Bowl at the beginning of each session.  Players should still award one another Awesome Points from The Bowl for doing Awesome things.  The GM can award Awesome points directly to an individual player from The Stack.

Here, though, I need to make some adjustments, because some of those automatic GM Awesome point awards (like surviving a fight with no armor) make a little less sense in Labyrinth Lord.

The GM still adds points to The Bowl when he wants to bend the narrative in a way that disadvantages the players.  This is a little harder to do in Labyrinth Lord, at least with low level characters.  I can't just add damage inflicted by  monsters, because then the odds of those monsters just killing everyone goes way up.  Although maybe that's mitigated by . . .

Some ways you might end up spending your awesome points:

It costs one point to:
Adding 1d6 to an attack roll
Have something handy nearby or within reach
Add a cool effect to an attack roll

It costs two points to:
Add 1d6 to a damage roll
Add 1d6 to a saving throw roll
Create an NPC you have a relationship with

It costs three points to:
Reuse a first level spell that's already been cast
Heal 1d4 points of damage

I am not sure about all of this.  Thoughts?


  1. I would love to hear how this works out in playtest. I loved the fate point mechanic in Dresden Files, which is very similar to this. The GM can tag a character's unique qualities (called Aspects) for dramatic effect. In return for getting screwed, the PC gets a Fate Point to spend on actions.

    Such a great mechanic in any game. :)

  2. Love it. I suspect that this will work very well for your group.

  3. I think I am going to gradually ease them all into Old School Hack.


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