Julie Andrews Stomps Nazis

You know, it's hard to explain how clicking on links leads you to something awesome, but I'll try.

Checking my RSS feeds while eating some leftover chicken parm (thanks to the wife for making it), had me catching up with Rob Lang's Free RPG Blog, specifically this post about the 24-hour movie mash-up RPG contest run by 1000 Monkeys, 1000 Typewriters. Wow -- all of the mash ups sound interesting, but there are two I really want to check out.  All the Kings Men is a mash up of Apocalypse Now and Robin Hood, where you play some of the Sherrif's men in a descent into the heart of Sherwood.  Creepy!  And then there is The Droog Family Songbook, a mash up of The Sound of Music and Clockwork Orange.  Yes, The Sound of Music and Clockwork Orange.  Just.  Wow.

The Droog Family Songbook's designer, Nathan Russell, runs Peril Planet and has many other games.  Two that look cool are The Beast of Limfjord -- an RPG inspired by Beowulf and Norse sagas-- and Come With Me If You Want To Live -- a board game of saving humanity from the apocalypse.

So many fun-looking games out there!


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