Random Encounter Table -- Rotter's Road/Lascon Thickets

One of my tasks for building my sandbox is to make a few random encounter tables.  Here's the first, based on some of the locations presented in Tim Short's Knowledge Illuminates.

Random Encounters: Rotter's Road/Lascon Thickets

1.  1d10 goblins -- weak, hungry, and ill-equipped.  Fleeing mountain holes to avoid being enslaved by hobgoblins.
2.  1d8 human bandits -- ruffians from surrounding towns and villages who have turned to banditry out of poverty and hunger
3.  Heavily armed and guarded caravan traveling west, from Aldejas or other eastern population center to Weyland (and possibly beyond)
4.  Ankheg
5.  Wild boar
6.  2d8 human bandits -- organized, professional thieves.
7.  Human pilgrims in search of sites sacred to Malichia/Delaquain/Xena.  50% chance have a cleric of at least second level with them.
8.  1d4 Wandering minor undead (roll or choose specific type)
9.  One lost and addled hill giant.  This giant is obviously very confused, mistaking rocks for cows and occasionally laying down to rest at random intervals.  This confusion may be due to a head wound, drunkenness, magical effect, or some strange disease.  This giant is easily provoked into a fight, but is not a particularly effective fighter (-4 to all attacks) because of his condition.
10.  Lightly guarded caravan of a few wagons, headed east from Weyland and surrounding villages to Aldejas to sell foodstuffs and other wares.
11.  1d8 orcs.  Savage and bloodthirsty.
12.  2d6 hobgoblins.  Organized scouting party.  Shields/standards decorated with stylized, colored eye.  (Roll randomly for color.  Each group encountered may have different colored eye symbol).

This is my first homemade random encounter table, so any thoughts are welcome!


  1. Love the hill giant encounter. I think the table looks great.

  2. I rolled a 9. I hope that giant is too messed up in the head to notice me.

  3. awesome! this is exactly what a random table should be!



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