One glaring omission -- random tables

In my post the other day, I developed a "to-do list" for my emerging game.  Inspired by One Square Equals Five Feet, I realized there were a few things I could do to harness the personalities and strengths of my players and make the game much better.  But I left something out that's very important -- a few random encounter tables.

Consider this added to the list:

4.  Random encounter tables -- to keep things fresh and to give the characters something to do as they journey between sandbox locations, I need to make a few random encounter tables.  Some I can lift from other sources, but customizing a few will go a long way toward both giving the PC's some more and different monsters to fight, but also to enhancing the setting.  Goats and chickens may well be on these tables.  But so will bandits, trolls, and lost caravans from the city of Aldejas.


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