I have an iPad. What else do I need?

After much badgering, then a promise to teach my not-so-tech-savvy Dean how to use it when we got them, then waiting five weeks for it to come in, I now have an iPad 2.

So, what else do I need to turn this thing into the uber-productive, super-game, life-changing machine that it is supposed to be?

Any and all recommendations are welcome -- both gaming and non-gaming related.  I am going to use it for gaming, certainly, once I figure out how to download PDF's from my Dropbox to the iPad itself.


  1. Of course, you need copies of all my games to enjoy!

  2. @Greg -- Honestly, downloading Aqualii Temple is tops on my list as soon as I figure out the file transfer stuff. It looks great.

  3. Cool. I just use iTunes to manage files on this thing. I keep everything on my computer and just iTunes it over like I am loading an iPod with MP3s

  4. Welcome to the fold. ;-)

    Necessary Apps:

  5. Don't have an iPad *yet*! Soooo close to pulling the trigger. Probably not until summer, though.

  6. Oh, I should mention that Goodreader will connect to Dropbox (it might be an additional fee, cannot remember now if that is one of those additional features or not) and download PDFs and such. Will also connect to Google Docs and download files. Goodreader was the first App I bought on my iPhone, then again when I received my iPad.

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  8. Seconded for Goodreader and Kindle. I use both Sketchbook Pro and Artrage a lot, and read Flipboard a lot too. Pocket Legends too, if you like MMO's.

  9. I don't know anything about iPads. Congrats on the new toy.


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