Helllooo Nurse!

Sarah picked up a nasty bug on our way back from Texas. Okay, let's be blunt. Sarah's sister gave her some nasty bug which jumped on Sarah last Thursday. Since then, she's gone through almost every cold phase possible -- fever, chills, head congestion, runny nose, cough, and chest congestion (which is where she's at now). Not to mention an utter lack of energy. Sarah has passed some of that on to Eleanor, who has a runny nose, no appetite whatsoever, and has been running a fever. Fortunately, I have avoided all of it (knock on wood). This means I have been playing nurse these past few days for my wife and daughter. Sarah helps out with Eleanor as much as she can, and my dad came into town yesterday to bring our Christmas presents, so he's helping out a bunch as well. Dad's staying tonight, too. It's been a rough couple of days, but we are getting by, and I have gained increased respect for all of those folks who make running a household their primary responsibility.


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