The Center of the Big D

I am sitting in the main branch of the Dallas Public Library, looking out thirty foot high glass windows at Dallas City Hall. Three pairs of (presumably) homeless men sit on the benches beyond these windows, between the library on the street. Everyone seems to be smoking. A yong black man with a laptop case approaches one of the pairs -- two older black me who appear to be sharing some powdered doughnuts -- and gives them some sort of flier. The young man, who I now see has big, black, thick glasses, makes the rounds to each of the pairs of men sitting on those stone benches, giving everyone that same flier. Most seem to nod politely, then fold the flyer and put it in their pockets when the man walks away.

I am in downtown Dallas because I rode to work with Sarah's father. Roger is putting in a half day at his legal aid office, then we're headed to Half Price Books' flagship store (if a small chain of used bookstores can be said to have a flagship store). Sarah, Eleanor, Leanna, and Marilyn are doing some shopping this morning; we'll all rendezvous sometime this afternoon and then go for a big dinner out.

Sarah and I arrived here Wednesday; we'll be in Dallas until the day after Christmas. We flew, deciding against driving after figuring out how long it would probably take us and after finding $255 flights on American. I was a little concerned about how Eleanor would do on the airplane, but she did great. She napped on Sarah for takeoff and about 30 minutes after, then wanted to see everyone and everything, so Sarah walked up and down the aisle with her for awhile.

I'll keep you posted on the happenings in the big D.


  1. I'll be in DFW Wednesday from 8:00-Noonthirty. When are y'all flying out?

  2. Our flight leaves at 2:30, but maybe we can meet-up- we're flying American.

  3. I'm American as well. You have my cell? I'm in Harlan right now so it won't work, but give me a call. Cinnabons on me.

  4. We delighted in your presence this past week and are glad you have arrived safely home. I agree with what Marilyn said: "This was our best Christmas ever!"

    Roger & Marilyn

    P.S. That Shiner truly enhanced the taste of Babe's fare!


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