Conversation at a Gas Station

Yesterday, Sarah, Eleanor and I left the house to get a bite to eat and pick up a few things at Target. We drove the Subaru, which needed gas, so we stopped at the Flying J Travel Plaza down the road from our house, just off I-77 at exit 73. We pulled up to the pumps next to a brand new candy apple red Corvette that was being gassed up. The driver of the Vette and I proceeded to have a conversation while fueling our vehicles that went something like this.

Corvette Guy (CG): "She could have pulled up a little further, couldn't she?"

Sarah was driving, and had parked where I had to open my door carefully or risk hitting the grey metal posts that prevent wayward automobiles from crashing into gas pumps).

Me (a bit puzzled by being taken up in conversation by a guy at a gas station): "Um, yeah. I had to kinda squeeze outa there." I then proceed to answer the 12 questions from the gas pump to dispense my fuel. No I am not a loyalty customer. Yes, I want a receipt. No I do not want a car wash.

CG: "Ya'll from around here?"

Me: "Yessir. Rock Hill. You?"

CG: "Yep. Not to far down the road. Great Falls."

I get a better look at Corvette Guy now that I have answered the riddles of the gas pump. He's short, maybe 5'6" or so. He has on cheap looking dark glasses, even though it's cloudy. His denim shirt is unbuttoned three or four buttons down, displaying four necklaces -- two silver, two gold. His jeans are tight and his boots are worn.

Me: "Taking the Corvette out for a Sunday drive?"

CG: "Just getting some lunch. A buddy of mine told me the KFC in Richburg has an all you can eat lunch buffet. All you want for only about seven dollars. Chicken, livers, gizzards, all the fixins. Good stuff."

Me: "Yeah, we're going to get some lunch ourselves."

CG: "You should get you sum! You can feed the whole family for under twenty dollars!"

Me: "Well, it's kinda far."

CG: "It ain't that far. Just down the road a piece."

Here, I may have offended CG by inadvertently rebuffing his suggestion of KFC. I went to get the nozzle out of my gas tank and, when I turned around, he had headed inside.

I was flustered by the whole exchange. I left the gas cap on top of the car and the gas door open. We noticed the cap when it flew off as we drove up the ramp to 77. I had to get out and grab it from the middle of the road.

Sundays in Rock Hill.


  1. Man, you passed up on some all you can get KFC, what's wrong with you. If loosing your your gas cap was all that happened then you got off easy.

  2. I like that the guy that's driving a gas guzzling sports car is willing to drive the extra miles to save a couple bucks to eat at a "special" KFC. Maybe he was trying to talk you into it so he could car pool with you!

  3. Lucky you found the gas cap Daddy....I bet little Eleanor would have chowed down on those KFC mashed taters and gravy. Maybe we can find her some when she comes to Dallas.

    Ellie outside Grandpa Gette's office in Dallas

    PS....Careful talking to strangers...especially strange ones.


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