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Since the World Series, I've been reading a lot of at lunch, digesting and, let's face it, reliving the Sox win a bit. The Sports Guy has a really nice piece about watching the end of the series with his daughter.

I also discovered that Chuck Klosterman writes a monthly column for ESPN. Who knew? I particularly enjoyed this one about the NBA; Klosterman is a good writer.

That column made me think of an interesting question: We regard college basketball as a "purer" version of the sport than the NBA. College football and the NFL are a bit of a wash. Both are popular, but seem almost like different sports. But it's professional baseball we regard as the true strain of that sport, with almost no regard for college ball at all. Why is that?


  1. Aluminum Bats. High school players being drafted and minor league a real minor league system that the other two sports don't have.

    Klosterman is great, but you need to be reading Deadspin.

    Go Sox.

  2. I checked out Deadspin (I am assuming you meant the sports blog that came up when I google searched for it). It seems pretty good, but a little too snarky for my tastes.

  3. Give it time. Soon you will want the snark. You'll need the snark. You'll be trying to explain to your significant other why your computer wallpaper is a Florida International player named Ned hobbling into a fight on crutches. And why this is Awesome.

    She won't understand. They never understand.


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