Eleanor's baptism

Yesterday, Eleanor was baptized at our church, St. Phillip Neri in Fort Mill. It turned out wonderfully. Lots of people were in town -- Sarah's parents; her sister from Texas; her other sister, her husband, and daughter from Baltimore; my dad and his wife; my mom, sister, and grandmother; my brother and his wife (Andre braved kidney stones to make it!) and, of course, Sarah and Eleanor. Saturday night cousin Robbie hosted a cookout for everyone. Sunday was the baptism, of course. Sarah's dad performed the ceremony (Deacons can do that sort of thing). The big family crowd was joined at the church by our friends Lee and Marrianne, Josh, Bernie, and Sarah's friends from her mom's group. John Harper is Eleanor's godfather, so he was there with Amelia. Sarah choose her college friend and roomate, Erin to be Eleanor's godmother, but due to a job change and a sooner than expected move, Erin could not make it. Leanna stood in for Erin.

My daughter is a huge ham and loves the spotlight already, so she just beamed up there in front of the church, enjoying all the attention.

After church we all went back to our house for brunch. All in all, it was an awesome weekend and our daughter is awesome.

Photos on her blog: Eleanor's Place


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