Back from the 'ville

Sarah, Eleanor, and I made it back from our Fall Break trip last night at about 9:00. Although we left Charlottesville about 2:00, it took a little longer than normal. A normal stop for gas turned out much longer than expected when we discovered Eleanor's diaper had "failed containment", so we had to do some changing and cleaning. Then, we were stopped in traffic on I-77 north of Charlotte after we had eaten dinner. I bailed on the interstate and took some back roads that took us through Davidson and Cornelius, bypassed the traffic, then got back on 77.

Aside from some grumpiness caused by being up so late on Friday night (we didn't get to Richmond until 11:00), Eleanor did great and garnered us lots of compliments.

We stayed at our friends Chuck and Kellie's Friday and Saturday night, visiting with them and their two daughters. They fed us well and we had a good time just hanging out. On our way out of town Sunday we spent some time with Kurt, Kristen, and their two kids. Sunday night in Charlottesville Rich and Laura fed us along with Matt and his new girlfriend (who was very nice). Monday we had Bodo's and I spent some time at UVA visiting with my advisor. Sarah had put together a gathering at Amigo's with some ACAC folks, which proved amusing due to a very congenial host. It looks like Amigo's has some new ownership and they are working hard to impress. Tuesday was more Bodo's, more visiting (we spent some time at Rob and Laura's Migration gallery), then the aforementioned trip home.

As always, it was a whirlwind and I don't feel like we spent enough time with anyone, but it was fun. We certainly miss C'ville, mainly for all the wonderful people we got to know during our time there.


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