Missing GenCon and friends

This past weekend was GenCon -- the big honkin' gaming and general geeky goodness convention. Since my fall contract started Wednesday , I didn't go. Apparently, I missed a big announcement -- Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition will be published next May. I am not sure how much I care. I have never been a rules gnome -- someone who cares all that much about a rules set for a given game. There are things about 3rd edition I like, things I don't, the same that there was about 2nd edition. It's easy to ignore things I don't and focus on the things I do. That only becomes problematic when playing the game with new people, but then you adjust or don't play. One thing that does look promising about 4th edition is the attempt to integrate or support on-line elements, which may make it easier to play with my friends who are scattered all over the country.

Which brings me to what I really miss about GenCon. Last summer, I didn't do too much official Con stuff. I mostly hung out with and played games with friends I don't get to see except at GenCon (or other events like NC Game Day). That's what I am missing now -- not being able to game (or eat or have a drink with) Tim, Rich, Scott, Phil, Dave, Christy, Liz, Kennon, and all those other people I have met over the years. I especially miss not hanging out with Tim and Rich, two very good friends whom I met though gaming but are more than just "gaming friends". Tim and his family, at least, will be here next weekend on the way back from their family vacation. I'm excited about that.


  1. I missed having you at GenCon as well. It was a great time, but not having either you or Tim around (my usual GenCon buddies) made it seem a bit empty at times. In many ways and for multiple reasons, I think this will be my last GC for a few years. Maybe in a few years we can all go back together and have a few "remember when..." moments.

    As far as the 4e stuff, I pretty much don't care. I didn't attend the presentation, and it wasn't really a big topic of conversation among the Circvs/ENnies crowd that I was hanging out with. I'll look at it and probably get the core books, but that'll probably be about it.


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