Car Update

Thanks for all the good advice on the car. Not only did I post my dilemma here, but also to the messageboard I frequent. I also emailed my dad and brother directly. Most of the advice I got was pretty consistent -- work to pay off the Subaru and/or put money aside for a new car. Thanks to Cthulhu's Librarian, Winston, and Rel for really good thoughtful advice. Special thanks to my dad, who hit the nail right on the head when he said "You're not unhappy with the car. You are unhappy with the deal on the car." That was right on, and made me realize that my unhappiness with the deal would not be solved by getting another not-so-great deal on a new car. Thanks to my brother who told me to get a new car because that would make me happy. :)

We're sticking with the Subaru for now. I am going to make an effort to pay more on the Subaru to get out of being upside down in the car. We will reevaluate the situation in December, when more good car deals can be found. I will probably still periodically complain about the car -- so big big thanks to my wonderful wife for putting up with my whining AND for offering to let me drive our nicer Ford Escape that we got a much better deal on. She, as always, is awesome.


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