Who is this guy?

We had a fun game session last night, even if two players were not able to make it and we started late.  The gist of the adventure was simple.  The Nameless cleric had been bitten by rats and contracted a disease last session, so she needed to be taken to the city of Weyland to be properly cured.  The party chose the longer but ostensibly safer route along the road, rather than head cross-country and close to some monster-infested ruins.  En route they got very wet (it rained the whole way), fought some small bands of orcs and hobgoblins, and encountered the drunken giant from my random encounter table, which they killed.

As the game unfolded, I decided they needed to encounter someone on the road that wasn't some sort of obvious monster.  I came up with the idea of a man cursing vehemently at his wagon that was stuck in the mud and thus Revus was born.

As is usual for me, my winging-it roleplaying got way ahead of my overall adventure planning and NPC plotting.  Which is where you come in.  Who is Revus and what does he want?  Help me out!

Here's what we know, due to me pulling stuff out of my butt, stellar improvising during last night's game:

  • Revus is a foul-mouthed man, capable of launching forth an impressive and very creative stream of invective at anyone and anything.  This is interesting considering. . .
  • Revus is a cleric, who openly converses with his god, typically in a "Why did you do this to me?" tone of wry amusement and put-upon tolerance.
  • Revus is physically capable.  He has a two handed mace and is broad-shoudered.
  • Revus is journeying to Weyland to visit the city's Patriarch.  He is obviously not happy about this, nor does he have a high opinion of said Patriarch or Weyland in general.  The phrase "maggot-riddled dung heap of waste left by a dying manticore" was uttered several times, though it was not clear if he was referring to the city or the Patriarch.
  • Although we do not know his origin, he has journeyed hundreds of miles through monster-infested territory.  By himself.  On a donkey-cart full of boxes and barrels of unknown contents.
  • He's not too sure about the Nameless Cleric.  He's not hostile to her, but has given her disapproving glances.
So, who is this guy?  What church does he belong to?  Who is his God?  How has he made it through the wilderness alone?  What's in his cart?  I initially described him as sort of like Sean Connery in the Name of the Rose, but with a sailor's mouth.  To which a player replied "so like Sean Connery in SNL Jeopardy?"  which works pretty well.

"Suck it, Trebek!"


  1. The various barrels and boxes contain religious items recently uncovered beneath the desert sands by his expedition, of which he is the last survivor. The documents contained within date to the very dawn of the Nameless Clerics religion, and quite clearly demonstrate how badly the faith has "deviated' from the faiths true teachings and precepts over the past centuries.
    Senior members of the Nameless Clerics church have become aware of Revus and what he carries. Consequently many of his companions have fallen to attacks sponsored by the faith of the Nameless cleric.
    While Revus believes that the Nameless Cleric is too junior a member of her faiths heirarchy to be a threat (or to even be aware of what he carries) he still views her with cautious suspicion nonetheless.

  2. For added spice, Revus could be a cleric of the same faith, but one who is a reformer who seeks to return the religion back to the "true path" of the "old ways".
    Regardless of white side the PC's take, if any, the Nameless Cleric will always be viewed with suspicion for her association (however brief) with Revus. Senior members of her church are liekly to assuem she has been tainted by his beliefs and may even have become a disciple of this irascible but charismatic radical.

  3. Your post got me to thinking even more about something that has been on my mind. I am not an "old school" gamer in the sense I do not like dungeons and random encounters. Your post - and others like this one - have me thinking, though, that with the right people I could.

    I wonder if it all comes down to group chemistry and the passion of the DM. You seem to have a lot of passion for your game and you have a good group. How could I not like dungeoneering in such an atmosphere?

  4. @Dangerous Brian -- Good ideas all. I like the idea of Revus carrying artifacts that cast some aspect of his own or the Nameless Church's dogma into doubt. And the added wrinkle of the PC cleric being cast under suspicion due to her brief association with Revus and you have lots of potential plot hooks.

    @Christian -- Thanks for the complements! I like both dungeons and random encounters. Embracing them has been a key to my own personal gaming re-invigoration. But I also have to get beyond them occasionally or I get bored. And you are welcome to play with us anytime.


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