The Confectioner's Box

This is why you need a random cupcake table.

The following is designated Open Game Content.

The famed city of Abbas, home of the Second Caliphate and now virtually unknown in the east, was noted for many things.  Central to its fame was the presence of magic, which penetrated into many aspects of the city's life.  Minor magical trickets and items were found in almost every wealthy household.  Few of these items were as coveted as the collaborative creations of the magic-user Qabus and a mysterious baker.  This baker, whose name has been forgotten or hidden, was rumored to be an easterner, or perhaps from a locale even more exotic.  He likely was routinely offered a prominent spot in the Caliph's own household, but none of the records has his name.  Despite this mystery, it is known that the baker and Qabus (himself a friend to the Caliph), collaborated to construct several magic items that would produce fine baked goods.  Frosting wands have been found, as well as spoons that give anything they stir a sweet, light flavor (these are especially desired by beverage-makers).  There are also boxes, often given to children, that produce a small sweet treat once per day.  Boxes have been found that produce cupcakes, small pieces of candy, and loaves of bread.  These items are highly valued, both for their practical food produciton (though one cannot live by cupcakes alone!) and their historical and magical significance.  The secret of making such items, especially such items that produce such delicious confections, has likely been lost.

Qabus' Cupcake Box

This is a small (5"x5"x5") ebony box, hinged at the back.  Carved in the top is a small bow, often inset with semi-precious stones.  The inside is covered with soft, dark velvet.  Each morning, a cupcake of a random type (see random cupcake table), can be found in the box.  The cupcake is always fresh and tasty.  Once the cupcake in taken out, the box remains empty until the following morning.  Only one cupcake per day can be produced.


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