Best Use of Awesome Point Ever?

I intended to post a full write up of the happenings in our Labryinth Lord campaign today, but a short (and amusing) segment will  have to suffice.

I'm using the moathouse castle and dungeon from The Village of Hommlet, with some elements changed to suit our ongoing game.  The party defeated a group of hobgoblins taking up residence on the surface level, but two of the things had fled into the dungeon.  The party opted not to pursue right away.  I rolled for the hobgoblins who, failing the roll, ran afoul of the green slime waiting at the bottom of the stairs.  The party did not hear the hobgoblin screams as the creatures were slowly digested from the outside-in.

After a bit, the party was ready for the dungeon and noticed the slime-covered remains of the hobgoblins at the bottom of the stairs.  What they did not know was how to deal with green slime.  Then, this exchange happened:

Pithia's Player: "It says we can use an Awesome Point to find a small item close at hand."
Me: "Yep"
Pithia: "I spend an Awesome Point to find a pamphlet about green slime."
Me: ". . . Awesome!"

Beehive Handknits for Men 01
Did you know that 8 out of 10 dungeons have a problem with slime?
We then decided the pamphlet looked like they would hand out in the high school guidance office in the 1950's, complete with smiling father in a grey suit and pearled and aproned mom.  The cover would feature a puddle of slime, with dad looking stern and mom's hand covering a mouth that had gone "O" with distaste.  Inside, little John and Suzie would be taking cover under a school desk while slime dripped down from the ceiling   The pamphlet detailed the habits of slime and how to get rid of it (I read the monster's description).  Also, the presence of slime was blamed on Communists and beatniks.


  1. I dunno about best evar, but certainly very cool.

    One time I used a Fate point to squish a giant mosquito that had fed upon the blood of Buddy Christ in a gonzo post-apocalypse game and thus inject myself with the blood of Christ. I gained the walk-on-water ability. That was pretty cool too.

  2. Well, I guess you didn't notice it yet. Check out the gift I posted for you a few hours ago on my blog, dude.

  3. That's fantastic. I can imagine a whole Old School Hack campaign conducted as a sort of 1950s-era hygiene film. :P

  4. @ Greg. Mosquito's injecting one with the blood of Christ is pretty awesome. And what's more awesome? Your effort with the Green Slime Pamphlet. Thanks!


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