Thinking about Game of Thrones

Yes, I took Thanksgiving off from blogging, as we traveled out of town.  No, I didn't tell any of you, which wasn't very nice of me.  Sorry. 

I'm still mentally on vacation a bit, with gaming thoughts hard to come by.  But I was struck today by the new trailer for the upcoming Game of Thrones series from HBO:

That, combined with this awesome map of Westeros, has gotten me more excited about Martin's fantasy epic than I have been for a long time.  Granted, I am of the camp that's disappointed with the delays in the books (though I agree that "George R.R. Martin is not my bitch") and think that the latest installment of the series was not as well written as previous books.  This is not the post for detailed analysis of that, however.

What I am thinking about is what, if anything, from GoT feels right for my own project.  Not specific ideas, of course, as there are already several iterations of GoT role playing games.  Rather, what larger themes, plot devices, tropes (or their reversals), and/or elements make sense in a quasi-historical Mediterranean world?


  1. I think the political intrigues and dynastic struggles would work with just about any time period, though there exact manifestations might vary a bit.

    That's assuming your question wasn't completely rhetorical. ;)

  2. Not rhetorical at all! I was thinking of the power machinations as well. But that means I have to come up with some dynasties to struggle!


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