Something to pick up? Crafty Games Adventure Companion

Adventure CompanionBlog reading over lunch today (a ham sandwich, thanks for asking) led me to Stargazer's World's review of Fantasy Craft Adventure Companion.  I had not realized that the Spycraft folks had published a fantasy rules set (I know.  What kind of gamer am I?), much less one that needed a companion.  But Stargazer's review certainly piqued my interest, particularly his description of the Cloak and Dagger fantasy setting.  He describes it as "Spycraft in ancient Rome" which would fit very well with what I am developing here.  Even though the Roman Empire analog was destroyed by an apocolypse, it's legacy still looms large in this setting.  The cloak and dagger stuff would fit very well with feuding mercantile city states.

I am also intrigued by the Epoch setting, based on Aztec mythology.  I wonder if any of that could find a place here.

 Anyone have any experience with Fantasy Craft?  I am not terribly interested in mechanics at this point, but the setting elements in the Adventure Companion seem interesting.  I really don't spend a lot of money on gaming books and tend to consider my purchases carefully (sometimes too carefully).  But I am interested in checking this one out.

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