Idea Summary

Periodically, I'll comb back through the older posts to compile names, places, and things I've mentioned in previous posts.  This will serve a number of functions.  Not only will it summarize what's been done for easier reference, it will also serve as a "to-do" list of sorts.  Having everything in one entry will also remind me what I need to do -- filling in gaps and fleshing out previous ideas.  When I have an idea for a full entry I often throw in other names which don't really refer to anything yet.  Putting all those in one place will remind me I need to go back and put something behind those placeholders.  Eventually, all of this will go into a wiki or some master source document, but that's not going to happen at 6:30 on a Saturday morning (my daughter does not care that it's Saturday and woke up at 5:45 AM).

Here goes:

Organizations: Unnamed snake cult, unnamed college of sorcerers, Asherite Cult of the Six Stars, The Sassarian Navy,

People: Astbury, Alejo, Marin, ibn Taram, Urols, Magnus Knarr, The Sultan of Almohad,

Places: Arms of Orum, Valz, al-Andalus, The Crown of Stars, unnamed holy city of forgiveness, unnamed holy ruined city, Muqad, Zafar, Sheng, Kingdom of the Seven Rivers, The Straits of Fire

Objects: The Rihla, Golems

Did I miss anything?


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